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Turn your visitors into customers

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Fyndle helps online businesses convert their visitors into customers

Research suggests that online businesses invest up to 10% of their revenue on driving visitors and traffic to their websites.​

​Fyndle helps businesses like yours to convert these visitors into buyers.​

Drive more visitors to your website by using Fyndle’s promotional and incentive tools​.

Keep your visitors on your website longer. Fyndle takes the average session time from 2 to 6+ minutes.

Increase conversion by up to 70%. It is proven* that the longer the session time, the more likely a visitor will buy.

If you cannot measure it you can’t move it! We offer you valuable insights with campaign analytics.

How Fyndle helps your online business thrive​

Fyndle lets you host treasure hunts on your website to engage your visitors and turn them into customers. ​

​In a Fyndle treasure hunt, your visitors can win a prize or discount code by finding a hidden image on your website. ​ ​Research suggests that the best way to increase conversion rates is to get your visitors to spend more time on your website. ​

Fyndle treasure hunts take the average session time from 2 to 6+ minutes. That’s how they can increase your conversion rate by up to 70%. ​

​With the use of Fyndle’s dashboards and reporting, Fyndle can help you make more informed decisions on marketing activities and monitor income generated. ​

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Success stories

When signing up as a Fyndle Merchant, you can set up campaigns that fit your business goals
and track how effective they are in the short and long term.

This is Linda

Linda is a marketer wants to boost sales for her company, a large online store that sells office furniture B2B. She sets up a Fyndle treasure hunt where everyone who finds a hidden image gets a 20% discount coupon.

Her Fyndle dashboard shows her that of her 15,000 visitors, 10,000 played the game and 400 players made a purchase on average of $1,000 delivering the business $400,000 in revenue for that month.

This is James

James runs an online men’s fashion store and has a large social media following. To boost sales he decides to give away 10 pieces of last season’s stock as prizes in a Fyndle treasure hunt.

On his Fyndle dashboard he sees that 20,000 of his audience play the game and 800 players buy a product, earning him $32,000 in additional revenue.

Set a up a treasure hunt in minutes and see your conversion rate improve

Set up your Fyndle campaign in 5 minutes

Tell your audience about it

Track visitors, sales and return rates

After signing up as a merchant, Fyndle will guide you through setting up a campaign that meets your business goals.

​You can tailor the user experience by choosing from different treasure hunt types.

For example, you can hide the image on a fixed page. You can also set up the treasure hunt so that the hidden image is shown on a different page for each player.

You can set how many pages players see before they can find the image.​

You can either give away a discount code to each player who finds the image or actual prizes where you choose the winners from the players who find the image.​

You can promote the treasure hunt on your website via a banner or choose a popup to engage your visitors.​

Lastly, you can view real-time stats such as how many visitors played, how long they stayed on your website, and how many converted to customers.​

No tech skills needed – Fyndle is easy to add

Fyndle is widely supported by platforms including WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace. Add Fyndle by installing our Plugin or simply add to your site footer using Google Tag Manager.​

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