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Fyndle Privacy Policy

Who are Fyndle?

Fyndle is a trade name of Fyndle Pty Ltd in Sydney (ACN: 609 338 981). Fyndle has the following privacy policy in regard to the use of its website,, and its application.


Fyndle takes your privacy seriously. Fyndle never uses data from visitors to send them promotional materials about products and/or services of third parties. We will send you information about our own products and services via an e-mail newsletter only if you indicate you would like to receive this information when signing up for a Fyndle account, and validate your subscription by clicking on a link in a validation e-mail. You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in one of the newsletter e-mails or changing the newsletter settings in your Fyndle account.

Visiting our website(s)

When you visit our website ( or a website where a Fyndle treasure hunt takes place, some technical characteristics of your visit (specifically: which pages you open and at what time you do so) are saved to our servers in a database. This information is kept for several months solely to perform statistical analyses. We do not track your IP address and we cannot connect this information with you as a person.

Treasure hunt participation

If you choose to participate in a Fyndle treasure hunt, we save information about your website visit to our servers in a database (specifically: which pages you visit and when you visit then). This information is used to determine the fees that our customers owe us. We do not track your IP address and we cannot connect this information with you as a person.

If you choose to participate in a Fyndle treasure hunt, Fyndle uses cookies to track your visit in order to determine when and where to display the Fyndle logo.

Fyndle profile information

If you choose to create a Fyndle account, your data are only kept for purposes of operating our software. If you win a prize in a treasure hunt, you need to enter your address details so that our customer can send a prize to your address. This information will be disclosed to the customer, but will otherwise not be disclosed to anyone or used for any purpose other than sending you your prize.

Google analytics

Fyndle uses the web analytics service Google Analytics, provided by Google Inc. (hereafter: Google). Google Analytics uses cookies to help Fyndle analyse how visitors use The information generated through cookies on your website use, including your IP address, is transferred to and stored in Google servers in the United States. Google uses this information to track how you use the website, to generate reports on general website activity and to offer these reports to website owners and other services. Google may make this information available to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or to the extent that these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google will not connect your IP-address to other information it has access to. You can refuse the use of cookies by changing a setting in your web browser. By using this website you give permission for information to be processed by Google in the manner described above.


When you subscribe to or unsubscribe from our e-mail newsletter, your subscription status, along with your e-mail address, will be stored indefinitely. Your e-mail address will only be used to send you the newsletter. To this end, if you subscribe to the newsletter, your e-mail address is stored in the recipient list for the entire duration of your subscription. You are free to use an e-mail address that cannot be traced to your person. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link in the footer of each newsletter.

What happens to information sent to us via contact forms or e-mail?

If you submit information via a contact, information or registration form at or when you send us an e-mail, the information you send to us together with the technical features of the submission are stored by us for as long as the nature of the request and message medium require. In addition your message may be stored in our e-mail archive where it may be saved up to 7 years due to back up procedures and legal obligations.

What does Fyndle do in cases of abuse?

When, as judged by Fyndle, our website and/or services are being used abusively or improperly, we can refuse access from certain IP addresses and/or e-mail addresses for a definite or indefinite period of time. In such a case we can also exclude a registered Fyndle user from participating in online treasure hunt(s).

In cases of abuse or improper use where the rights of third parties are harmed, we may provide details of the abuse and abuser to these third parties. In case of abuse we may attempt to trace your information to your person, for example to contact you, a parent or legal guardian, employer, or to press charges against you.

Fyndle will make information available if forced to do so by the authorities.

Requests to Fyndle

When reference is made in this privacy statement to a written request to Fyndle, you can submit it via the contact form or by email. We can not guarantee that this request will reach us (due to anti spam measures). Additionally, online requests are often incomplete or inaccurate and they often do not contain all information necessary to satisfy the request. Therefore Fyndle considers itself bound only to an appropriate response in an actual written request in the form of a proper letter, typed or legibly written on paper, stating the name and address of the sender, dated and signed, containing a clear request all necessary information, by post to the registered address of Fyndle: 6/10 Hodgson Avenue, Cremorne Point, NSW 2090, Australia.

Cookie Policy

Fyndle processes personal and other data in accordance with applicable laws.


The website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed by a website on a PC, tablet or mobile phone or other computing device. These cookies are used for the Fyndle website and applications to operate and to monitor the web visit so Fyndle that can determine how many people have visited the site in a given period. Fyndle use this in the form of aggregated data only and any information collected in cookies cannot be traced to a computing device or to an individual.

Below is a list of cookies placed by the Fyndle website and services. These are only placed with your permission.

  • Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. These cookies allow Fyndle to track visits to the website. Examples are visitor numbers, popular pages and subjects. This allows Fyndle to tailor the communication to the needs of the website visitors. Fyndle cannot see who (or which computing device) visit its website. Google, as the provider of the service, may be able to gather such information. More information about the Google Analytics cookies can be found on this page. Additional information about the TOS (Terms Of Service) Google Analytics can be found here.
  • Fyndle script. The Fyndle script places a cookie on your computer to indicate whether your not you have agreed to participate in the online treasure hunt. If you have indicated that you agree to participate, this cookie is also used to track your visit and to determine where and when the Fyndle logo should appear.


Fyndle has taken careful and appropriate measures to protect its systems and databases. This is to prevent unauthorized access to or loss of personal information.


On the websites of Fyndle a number of links to other websites can be found. Fyndle bears no responsibility regarding the use of your information by these organizations. It is advised to read the privacy policy of the websites that the links refer to.

Amendments to Privacy Statement

Fyndle reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Fyndle advises that you should periodically review this Privacy Statement for any changes.